The revealing book “Start-Up Nation- the Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle”(2010) confirmed what many of us already knew: Israel has beaten the odds to become a major player in the global business world, especially in the technology sector. With the highest number of start-ups per capita of any nation, Israel is one of the world’s entrepreneurship and innovation hubs. Its entrepreneurial asset class has an impressive track record of innovation and achievement of superior financial returns. But many investors simply do not have access to this asset class.
Tevel Global is the first global investor community , focused exclusively on Israeli technology companies.  We invest in sectors in which Israeli technology has proven to be exceptionally innovative and game-changing, including but not limited to, Biomed/Medical Devices, Internet, Telecoms, Software, Clean Tech and Security.Tevel Global provides investors, especially those residing outside of Israel, with access (through an investment fund and directly) to companies which would not otherwise come their way or which would take significant time and effort to identify. Investors interested to learn more about joining Tevel Global are invited to contact us. Companies interested to present themselves to Tevel Global are invited to send a one pager description and an investment deck to info@tevelglobal.com . We are looking for companies that have sustainable competitive edge in our dynamic world. Intermediaries are asked to refrain from applying on behalf of companies.